Easy way to take loan against pan card

If you want to take loan on PAN card, then in this article we will tell you about Pan Card Par Loan Kaise Le . Along with this, for taking Pan Card Loan , how much loan can we get on Requirements , Interest , Pan Card? And the process of taking loan on PAN card will also be known in detail.

In today’s era, sometimes there comes a time when we need money suddenly and we do not have that much money at that time as we need. In such a situation, many times we need to take a loan. This need of money can be met with a personal loan.

Because we know that we can collect that money in future and repay the loan taken. But many times it happens that when we go to the bank to take a loan, due to lack of documents, we are not able to get the loan from the bank or we have to go to the bank a lot.

In this way you can take a loan on PAN card. PAN card is one of the most important documents today. If you also want a loan on PAN card immediately, then let us now know in detail about taking loan from PAN card.

How many types of loans can you take on Pan Card?

If you get the opportunity to take many types of loans on Pan Card, then let’s know a little about them.

  • Personal loan
  • Home loan
  • Instant loan
  • Business loan
  • Private loan
  • Small loan
  • Low interest loan
  • EMI without credit card

What are the requirements for taking a Pan Card Loan?

Often, before taking a loan in the mind of people, many types of questions will come in their mind, such as what documents are needed, how to get loan etc.

So let us tell you that you only need a few documents to take a loan from here. As if;

  • aadhar card
  • PAN Card
  • Mobile Number
  • Bank Account Number

Documents required may vary from type to loan. For example, if you take a business loan, then you will have to submit the documents related to the coming business.

If you take a personal loan, then the documents will have to be submitted accordingly, about which the employees themselves inform you.

Terms and conditions for availing loan against PAN card

The Government of India has made the terms and conditions for taking loan from PAN card. If you fulfill these terms and conditions while taking a loan, then you will easily get a loan against Aadhar card and PAN card.

  • First of all, you must be a citizen of India to take the loan.
  • Do you work in a private or multinational company?
  • You must be 21 years old.
  • Your credit score must be correct.
  • You need to show your income to get the loan.
  • You must have a bank account to take the loan.
  • Not taken loan from any bank or private company

How much loan can I get on PAN card?

Today the biggest question is that how much personal loan can I get on PAN card? First of all, you have to make sure that which loan you are taking, if you are taking a personal loan, then today you can take a loan of 1000 to 2 lakh on PAN card. For your information, let us tell you that you can take as much loan on PAN card as you need.

If you have any source of income like you do a job or you are freelancer or you are self employed then you can get easy loan from any bank through Aadhaar. After this, you can repay your loan through EMI. Apart from this, you can take a personal loan on Aadhar card .

Pan Card Par Loan Kaise Milta Hai

Before taking a loan from PAN card, every bank or financial company looks at your loan eligibility and documents. Based on this, they give approval for the loan. They check the documents given by you properly before giving the loan. After this, through KYC, they verify your Dare details. Before taking the loan, you will have to submit eKYC and UIDAI Aadhar card number and photo etc. Only after this the bank or financial company will give you the loan.

Pan Card Par Loan Kaise Le the easy way

Here we will tell you about how to take a PAN card loan from an online bank. By following the mentioned methods, you can easily take a loan sitting at home in no time.

Step 1. To take the loan, first you have to download the app of that bank.

Step 2. After this, first login to the app.

Step 3. After this you click on the Personal Loan option.

Step 4. With the help of this app you can check your eligibility.

Step 5. After this if your eligibility is made then click on Apply now.

Step 6. After this you have to fill an application first to get the loan.

Step 7. After this the bank will verify all the information given by you.

Step 8. After this you will be asked to upload the copy of Aadhar and PAN card .

Step 9. If all your details turn out to be correct then your loan will be approved.

Step 10. After this, your money will be transferred to the account in a short time.

how to get loan of 10,000 from pan card

You can take a loan of Rs 10,000 with PAN card instantly. For this, you can download the bank’s app or take a loan of 10,000 immediately from any financial company’s app like Dhani, Kreditbee etc.

last word:

We hope that the information about personal loan on PAN card given by us   will definitely be beneficial for you. And with this informative post, it will be easy for you to decide how you can easily take a loan of only a few minutes and how easy it is to take a loan from Aadhar card and PAN card.

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