How to make money online freelancing. How to Earn Money through Best Online Freelancing Business

How to Make Money Online Freelancing, Online Freelance Business Ideas ( How to Start Earn Money through  Online  Best freelance jobs  or online business ideas for beginners  in hindi)

Are you tired of your 9 to 5 routine job? Do you also feel that you are not getting paid according to your work? Do you want to start your own business, giving priority to the responsibilities of your family? Then Freelance Business Idea is the best for you. In this business, you can work according to your wish and according to your convenience and all the profits you earn by working hard in this business started by your self will also be yours only. Now you must be thinking that how can you start this business.

What is Freelancer Jobs

Freelancing is such a way to earn money, where no one is your boss. You are your own boss, and earn money through freelancing while working according to your time. However, while freelancing, it is necessary to keep in mind that all the websites you are working for are genuine. Many times people work for scam sites during freelancing, where they do not get money for the work done by them. Therefore, it is very important to keep this thing in mind while doing freelancing. However, there are many websites that can be trusted blindly. With the help of this, very good money can be earned.

How to Earn Money from Freelancing Work

For this follow the following steps:

  • For this, first you have to create your profile on any freelancing website.
  • Some specific websites are Upwork, Elance, Toptal, Freelancer, Guru, 99Design, Peopleperhour etc. All these websites are reliable, where you can create your profile for freelance jobs.
  • To create a profile on the website, you have to give your name, your old working experience, overview, what kind of work you want to do, etc.
  • Here you are also given work training in the beginning, so that you can do it even after learning the work.
  • Here, looking at your profile, clients themselves talk to you and describe their work to you. In this way you get the job sitting sitting.
  • If your work is good then your profile is rated by the client. On the basis of that rating, other clients also start approaching you and gradually you start getting good work.
  • On completion of the work, you are paid according to your work. Mostly you are paid money in dollars, which you can transfer to your bank account.  

Online freelance or freelancing jobs

Here, by getting work according to your ability, you can easily do a job as a freelancer and earn a lot of money. The more and better work you do in freelancing, the more money you will be able to earn. You can earn thousands and lakhs of rupees sitting at home while working in it. While doing freelancing, only keep in mind that the quality of your work remains better, because in this field, all the responsibility of marketing your work is on you.

Here we are making you aware of some freelance business ideas, you can start your business by choosing any option as per your wish.

  1. Blogging  Nowadays there are many such sites, which are looking for such people for themselves, who can write for them on various topics. You can choose the company according to your wish and do blogging work for someone else from your home. If you want, you can also start your own business by starting your own site as per your wish. Nowadays there are examples of many such people in the market, who are earning lakhs of rupees a month through blogging.
  2. Teaching  Teaching is such a job, which is in great demand in both online and offline market. If you also have the ability to teach, then you can make a video on your subject and share it on the online platform. This can prove to be a good business for you. Apart from this, you can do online teaching by doing a job for someone else, in return you will get money according to the hours you work.
  3. Advertising Copy writing – Getting clicks on your ad online is not that easy. Most of the business owners do not know what they should write in their ad so that their advertisement gets more clicks. If you have knowledge of this, then you can give your services in this field and earn money.
  4. Stock Photography – If you have a good camera and you are ready for photography then you can download your photos on various photo stock sites. And you get royalty charges for every photo you download or on its download.
  5. Ghost Writing  Many people have to write for their job or business, but they do not have enough time or skill to do writing. You can write your book, article and blog and then the person who has hired you publishes the material written by you under his name. If you also have this kind of ability, then you can earn very well by the hour.
  6. Magazine Article Writing – There are many such magazine companies in the market, which get articles written for their magazines from outside Reuters. If you are also able to work on articles, stories and other projects according to their demand, then this can prove to be a better option for you.
  7. Translation  Nowadays work is done at the global level, so there is a lot of demand for translator in the market. If you have knowledge of Spanish, Chinese, French, Arabic and any other main global language, then you can get the material to translate on various online platforms. Your earning in this field depends on your language, if you work on a rare language then your earning will be more.
  8. Graphic Designing  In today’s time there is a lot of demand for graphic designers in the online market. Many people need things like logos, infographics, memes, and cover photos all the time. Everywhere there is a little work for a graphic designer, but if we talk about this whole field, then there is so much work available for a graphic designer that he can do this work full time.
  9. Virtual Assistant Work – There are many office work in any business, such as checking email, serving customers, issuing invoices and maintaining online books. Nowadays in the age of internet it is possible to handle all this even from a distance. If you want, you can work as an online virtual assistant and start your work sitting at your home.
  10. Programming  If there was no programming, then the Internet would not exist, nor would so many developments be possible in this field. If you know programming then you can earn well in this field. You can earn lakhs every year by doing work like website development, new and complex website construction in this field.
  11. Music Writing and Production – According to the rules of copyright, film and TV producers can use a very limited number of things in their production. Many freelance musicians can write and perform music for them. If you are skilled in this art, then you can also make songs and jingles, and if someone else likes your creations, you get money in return for it.
  12. Photo Editing – If you know how to work on Photoshop, then you can offer your services as a photo editor in the online market. People use different photos on their online platforms for which they need to make many changes in the existing photos. If those people do not want to buy their own photo editing software nor do they want to spend their time on it, then they can take these services from you and pay you in return.
  13. Travel Consulting  If you can make a good travel plan yourself, then you can also do this work for others and make their travel experience even better. You can earn money by helping people plan their vacations and book their trips at affordable prices. If you want, you can do this work automatically or if you want, you can also do this work by connecting with a site like
  14. Accounting  If you are able to manage the account, then you can do this work online and earn more money. If you also have knowledge related to tax then you can earn relatively more money. Many small businessmen also hire online accountants to manage their accounts, so you too can earn money by doing this work sitting at home.
  15. Online Researching – Various types of data are required to complete many online projects. If you are a good researcher then you can earn money by doing this work online. You will have to provide the necessary information by searching the data as per the wishes of the front and you will be given your Mehtana in return.
  16. Editing  Editing service is in high demand in online platforms. You can work on various freelance projects as an editor and earn money. How much you can earn as an editor, it completely depends on your work, what kind of project you do editing on.
  17. Social Media Management  Social media is very important for any business in today’s time. Various merchants use it to reach their potential customers, provide customer service to their regular customers and increase traffic to their official sites. But for any business it takes hours in a day to maintain it well. You can earn good money for any business by handling their social media platform.
  18. Podcast Production – Podcast is much more than the video available on any online platform. For this you need a script, as well as you have to adjust the sound for this, editing has to be done and many other works are also done. If you want, you can take your charge by doing all this work for different websites. And in this way you can earn money by doing this work sitting at your home.
  19. Video Editing  Videos become popular very soon on any online platform. That’s why this service is in great demand nowadays. For this you are provided with raw footage and instructions, and you have to convert it into a video with software and your skills. In this way, you yourself can earn money by making videos on various topics and posting them on various social media platforms.
  20. Business Management  ​​Many investors invest their money in various online businesses but they do not have enough time to run it. They hire someone who has a good knowledge of these to run it. If you have this ability then you can earn good money by managing his business for someone else.
  21. Voice Acting  A voice actor can work on many projects online. You can give your voice to a book, apart from this, you can earn good money by doing other things like giving your voice to a cartoon character, preparing business report for someone etc. When you become very famous by doing this then your market value also increases.
  22. Marketing Consulting  Nowadays many online businesses see their own marketing but they are not familiar with marketing techniques at all. If you know marketing techniques then you can help them. By working as an online marketing consultant, you can increase someone’s business and earn good money yourself.
  23. SEO Service  By giving your time on Google, you should study what are those things that give good page rank to your article. If you are successful in finding such keywords which gives your article a good page rank on Google, then you can work as an SEO expert. SEO Expert is in great demand in the online market and you can also earn good money in it, with the increase in your experience over time, when you become expert in this field, then your market rate also increases.
  24. Interior Design Consulting – You do not need any kind of degree to become an interior design consultant. All you have to do is upload the pics of the assignments you’ve done on your site and when your friends and family members recommend you, you’ll automatically start getting jobs in no time. And you will become an online interior design consultant.
  25. Resume Maker  Nowadays everyone wants to make their resume good and attractive for the job. But not everyone has the knowledge to make a good resume, so at such a time you can help the needy people to make their resume and earn good money.

In this way, you can start your own freelance business by selecting any of these ideas according to your ability and knowledge and you can earn a good amount by sitting at home and away from office troubles.   

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