How to start bath soap making business

How to start Bathing soap making business (Raw Material , Method, Cost, Benefits) How to start Bathing soap making business in Hindi 

Soap is that item, which is used by almost all the people every day. Different types of soaps are sold in the market at different prices. The cost of soap of some branded companies is much higher than a common use soap, from which such companies get a lot of profit. You too can earn a lot of profit by setting up a soap factory in a low budget. Before this, we have given you  the description of all the processes of starting the business of how to start a hand wash soap business . 

Bathing  soap making raw materials

The raw material required for making bath soap is given below.

  • Soap Noodles: Soap noodles are made from palm oil or coconut oil.
  • Stone Powder: This is also an essential material.
  • Colour: As per requirement.
  • Perfume: The flavor of which soap is being made.

Bathing soap making raw materials price :

The cost of soap noodles is Rs.75 per kg. The total cost of making soap with 50 kg of raw material would be Rs 3500.

Where to buy: You can buy it from the wholesale market. If you want to get all the raw materials sitting at home, then visit here.

Bathing  soap making machines


Basically three types of machines are used in the process of making soap. There are three types of machines:

  • miller machine
  • soap printing machine

Where to buy: You can get it from any wholesale hardware store. All these machinery can be obtained online from the link given below. /impcat/soap-making-machinery.html

Price : The setup price of the entire machinery starts from as low as Rs.65,000.

making process

The process of making soap is given below.

  • First of all, put 50 kg soap noodles in the mixer and leave the noodle almost to break.
  • After some time add stone powder to it. This stone powder depends on the quantity of noodles. About 1½ kg of stone powder has to be given in 50 kg of noodles.
  • After giving the stone powder, add color and perfume to the soap as needed. For example, if you are making sandalwood soap, then add sandalwood color and perfume. In 50 kg, about half a kg of color and perfume has to be added.
  • Once the stone powder and soap noodles are mixed well, put this mixture in the miller machine.
  • In this machine this mixture is finely milled. You can fine-tune this mixture 5 to 6 times with the machine to make your product good. During this, also use about half a liter of water.
  • Within fifteen minutes, with the help of 50 kg of raw material, 500 pieces of soap of 100 grams is ready.
  • After this, after passing this mixture through the next machine i.e. soap printing machine, it becomes ready to become soap.

Total cost: It takes about 1.5 to 2 lakh rupees to set up this business. Similarly,  you can start the business of making toilet cleaner at low cost  .

Bath soap  packaging

To sell soap, it is very important to take care of the packaging. During packaging, soap made from raw material is given its brand name with the help of soap printing machine. After this, it has to be packed in a brand package made of paper. This package is then sold in various shops of the city.

usiness license for the business of making soap

The license required for this business is obtained from the business department of the municipality. Getting a license helps a lot in IT returns etc. of the company. It is necessary to have a license for long term business or for big business.

usiness marketing _

To sell in bulk, it is necessary to talk to the big grocery stores of the city. There is a lot of consumption of soap in these shops, because small shops buy soap from these shops. With the help of attractive packages and limited period offers, it can help in catching the market.

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