how to start popcorn making business

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Who does not like to eat popcorn, everyone likes to eat it from elder to old age. Popcorn is such a dish that people can eat anytime, whether while watching a movie in the cinema, watching a stage show, or going on a trip. Eating it does not affect your health either, so people like to eat it more. Now if people like to eat it more, then the people doing business with it will also benefit a lot from it. You can also take advantage of this by doing business in this easy way mentioned in our article. So let us give you information about starting this business.

what is popcorn    

Popcorn is a kind of snack, which is liked by almost everyone. Popcorn is made from corn kernels. Yes, by heating the corn grains, they start swelling which popcorn does. Earlier it was sold in the market like this without spices, but then gradually people started adding different flavors to it, now it is sold in many flowers.

Different Flavors of Popcorn

  • Cheese Popcorn:- Cheese is mainly used in this type of popcorn. Which is very tasty to eat.
  • Tomato Flavored Popcorn:- Tomato Flavored Popcorn is made by adding tomato flavor to it.
  • Green Popcorn:- The flavor of green popcorn is made from spinach.

Popcorns of similar flavors are available in the market nowadays. People make good money by doing business.

How to start a popcorn making business

Popcorn business can be started in 2 ways, the first of which is that you start it on a small scale by setting up a handcart in the village area. Or else, if you want, you can earn better profits by doing this business on a large scale around theaters and malls as well.


popcorn making business

The demand for popcorn is high in big malls or cinemas. Popcorn is sold there in a variety of flavors. In such a situation, its market is rising rapidly. If you bring your own business in its market, then it will definitely give you profit. People are very fond of eating popcorn of different flavours. That’s why you have to pay more attention in selling popcorn with different flavors so that people will be attracted to you.

Ingredients for a Popcorn Making Business

The most important ingredient in the business of making popcorn is corn kernels. Apart from this, you will need salt, oil or ghee, ingredients of the flavor of which you are making popcorn, chaat masala or garam masala and bags or polythene etc. for packing. You will get all these essential things very easily in the market. You can directly contact the farmer for maize grains.


Machinery and equipment required for the business of making popcorn

Machines are also available for making popcorn in the market, which are available in many sizes, you can take the machine depending on your production and capacity. Although you do not have to invest much for a popcorn making machine, you will get it up to 20 thousand rupees. Apart from this, you will also need a packing machine which will seal the packet. If you do not have experience in operating these machines then you can start it in small level in the beginning. In which you will need gas, and gas cylinder.

popcorn making process

It is easier to make popcorn through a machine. To make this, you first have to separate the corn grains and dry them in strong sunlight for a few days. After this, you put oil and salt in the machine and put these corn grains in it. After the machine starts, it will heat up and your popcorn will be ready.  


packing of popcorn

When the popcorn is ready, after that you will need a packing machine to make its packets. By which your popcorn packets will be packed completely sealed. Having a sealed pack reduces the chances of spoilage of the popcorn. 

Space requirement for popcorn making business

You have to choose a great place to start popcorn business. So let us tell you that for this you will need at least 400 to 500 square feet of space. And it will be better if you take this place around the cinema hall in the market area. The place where you are going to start this business, keep in mind that there should be a good arrangement of electricity and water as well. At the same time, the place should also be such where the system of transport is good.

Required license and registration in the business of making popcorn

The following license and registration process will be required to start this business –

  • ROC Registration :- First of all you have to do ROC registration i.e. registration of the company. For this you have to give a brand name to your business.
  • MSME Udyog Aadhar Registration :- After this you are required to register your business in Udyog Aadhar coming under MSME .
  • FSSAI License: – These are food items, so you should also get FSSAI license from the concerned department.
  • GST Registration: – In doing this business, you will also need a GST number, for which GST registration is necessary.

total cost of popcorn making business

In this business, at least 30 to 40 thousand rupees will have to be invested, including machinery and all the necessary materials. This also includes the rent of your place.

marketing popcorn business

You have to inform people about your popcorn making business, for this it is necessary to market it. For marketing, you can make a manual of your popcorn with different flavors and get it printed on paper or you can also tell a pamphlet. Apart from this, if you want to reach more and more people then you can use online platform for this. 

profit from popcorn making business

Up to 50 thousand profit can be obtained in the business of making popcorn, for this it is most important that the quality and taste of the popcorn you make. Because if people like it then only people will come to you and you will get benefit.

Risks in the business of making popcorn

The biggest risk in this business is whether the different types of popcorn made by you will give good taste to the people or not. That’s why you have to pay special attention to both the quality and the taste. Otherwise this business of yours will be closed soon.

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