How to start poultry farming business? Poultry Farming Business Plan 2022

Information about starting poultry farming business 2021 (How to Start Layer Poultry Farming Business for beginners, benefits, income in India in hindi)

Milk and eggs are consumed by all people at this time. For this, poultry farms and dairy farms are established in many places. The main purpose of establishing these poultry and dairy farms is animal husbandry and trade. Therefore, this business is a very good and pleasant experience, for which the government also gives loans at very low interest rates. Here the topic of establishment of poultry farm will be given.

Need the Correct Place for start Poultry Farming Business:

This requires a little more space. The space used in this business has a big role. The details of the places required for the establishment of Poultry and Dairy Farm are being given below.


Clean and long places are required for poultry farm or dairy farm. This is actually the most expensive part of this business, but there is no need to fear for it. To do this business on a small scale, you can use the land around your house, because the length and width of the land used depends on the number of cattle or reared chickens. Some specific descriptions of the environment are given below,

  • For this, especially such places should be selected, which are a little away from the city, so that the animals do not have any problem with horn etc.
  • At your chosen place, decide that there will be no shortage of water in any way. If you want to put the form around the house, then you will not face this problem.
  • Before choosing a place, take stock of the transportation system there.

Poultry farming subsidy :

The government partially gives loan for poultry farm. Imagine that you want to establish a poultry farm and have made a budget of Rs 1 lakh, although its budget is above 1 lakh. Still, if there is a budget of 1 lakh rupees, then the government provides subsidy on it , 25% percent subsidy to the general category people i.e. 25000 and if you belong to ST / SC category, then 35% percent subsidy of Rs 35000. Huh. This subsidy is given by NABARD and MAMSE. Similarly, you can start a pen making business at low cost .

How to Apply Loan for Poultry Farming :

The government implements many schemes to promote this business, but people do not get information about these schemes and they are deprived of their benefits. Subsidy means that all the money needed is met through the medium of loan. In this way, you do not need to invest a single penny from your home. Many times people do not take advantage of these schemes thinking about various misconceptions like loans etc. Any bank gives easy loan for this work. In fact, the Government of India has given instructions to various banks of the country to give loans for farming. So they are committed to give farming loan. Along with this, the government also bears the risk of farming loan.

Poultry farm interest rates for poultry farming  :

0% rate is applicable on the loan taken for this business, i.e. you do not need to return any kind of interest to the bank other than the principal amount.

How to set up poultry farming business (How to manage and start poultry farm Business in hindi) :

Because this business gets full support from the government, so it needs to be started in a very systematic way. Here its essential facts are being described.

  • Location selection: First select the location. Make all the necessary arrangements for the animals to stay at this place. Arrangements also have to be made for the cleanliness of the place.
  • Registration: After this register your poultry farm through a company or MSME through MSME . With the help of MSMEs, the registration of Udyog Aadhaar is done easily. For registration of Udyog Aadhar, keep the following things in mind.
    1. Online registration in Udyog Aadhaar can be done very easily. For online registration, visit the website
    2. After visiting this website, you have to enter the Aadhar number and name of the entrepreneur there. After that click on the option ‘Validate Aadhaar’.
    3. By clicking on it, your Aadhaar is validated and further processing has to be done.
    4. After Aadhaar Validated Company Name, Company Type, Business Address, State, District, Pin Number, Mobile Number, Email of Business, Date of Commencement of Business, Pre-Registration Details, Bank Detail, NIC Code, In Company Enter the captcha by entering the number of people working, amount of investment etc.
    5. After that click on submit button.
    6. Now the certificate is generated from the MSME side, after that the certificate also comes in your email. You can print it from this email and put it in your office.

In this way your company gets registered and with its help you can also take loan or use it for other formal works also.

  • Accounting : After this, on a plain paper, make a handwritten account of the expenses involved in making a poultry or dairy farm, such as the cost of making a roof, making a stand, a net, etc. After this, with this account, reach your nearest bank with your address proof, your identity card etc.
  • Service Bank Loan : Service Bank Loan is the process after the loan is received. Under this process, the borrower has to sign various forms.
  • Subsidy Release : The best part of this is that the bank from which you are taking the loan, the same bank does the subsidy session through NABARD. There is no need to go to any other place for subsidy. This subsidy automatically reaches your bank account.

In this way your poultry farming business gets established.

Farming business benefits :

  • Poultry and dairy farming is not happening in a very systematic way in the country at the moment. Therefore, to promote it, the government is offering various facilities and 0% interest rate.
  • If you are a farmer, then there is no need to worry too much about feeding the animals, because a portion of the grain produced and straw etc. will be used to prepare the feed for the cattle.
  • Many other unemployed people get different types of work from poultry farms.
  • In India, almost all types of dairy and poultry farm products are consumed in very large quantities, so there is a huge expectation of profit in it.
  • This is such a business, which if run well, can become the owner of a good poultry farm by paying off the government loan at one time.

Therefore, it is clear from the above mentioned things that poultry farm can be started very easily with the help of government and at the same time a lot of profit can be earned.

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