How to start tomato sauce business

how to start tomato sauce business how to start tomato sauce or ketchup business plan in hindi

People of different cultures live in India. Due to which different types of food items are also available here. Chinese dishes are also sold a lot in India. In such a situation, the consumption of tomato sauce has increased a lot here. Tomato sauce is used here in almost every house, restaurant, hotel etc. Because of this, there are some companies in India that do business only in sauces. You too can become a better business owner by doing tomato sauce business.

Total cost to start tomato sauce business

You are likely to spend up to 8 lakhs in this business. However, the participation of our Indian government in setting up this business will be received through funds.

Tomato sauce raw material and price

  • Tomatoes are used in this business as an essential raw material, which you can get from farmers or tomato wholesalers.
  • Sweet substance Rs. 12,000 per kg, vinegar Rs. 60 / per 700 grams, salt Rs. 18 / per kg, flavor Rs. 2000 per liter is available in the market. It also requires onions, spices like black pepper, mustard, ginger etc. Similarly, you can also start the business of spices at home at low cost.


Tomato sauce making machine and it price

There is a need to buy a special kind of machine to make the sauce. With this machine being automatic , you can get up to 35000 rupees . To buy it, you get the help of online sites –

Where to buy: ( where to buy tomato sauce machine)

Selection of Location for Tomato Sauce Business: ( place Rquired for Tomato Sauce business)

The selection of the place for this business should be done keeping in mind the requirements. You need more space. If you start doing business by taking the place on rent and its fare varies according to the place. Generally the rent for any industrial place starts from Rs.10,000. This expense comes under working capital only.

How to make tomato sauce:  tomato sauce recipe in hindi)  

  • For every 200 grams of sauce, you need to add a quarter cup of olive oil , about a teaspoon of black pepper , and more than half a cup of chopped onion to it. Then ingredients like two spoons of garlic and sweetener as per taste , two spoons of vinegar are required.
  • First you need to bring healthy tomatoes from the market. After this, clean all the tomatoes with pure water and keep them in small pieces with the help of a food processor.
  • After this, finely chop the onion and take a little oil and fry the onion lightly. After this, at the same time, it is necessary to add spices like black pepper, mustard etc.
  • In this vessel you need to crush the tomatoes of your choice. After this, tomatoes have to be left in low flame for some time.
  • At this time you need to add vinegar, sweetener, salt as per taste and required flavor.
  • After this, it should be left in low flame for 20 minutes to cook. After 20 minutes your sauce is ready for packaging.

How to pack Tomato Sauce: (  packing)

In this business, you can use plastic or glass bottles for packing sauces. If you want, you can use your brand sticker on these bottles. At the time of packing you need to take care of the quantity of sauce.

Marketing of tomato sauce business:  tomato sauce marketing)  

Marketing this tomato sauce is also easy. You can trade the sauce made by you at various hotels, restaurants, grocery stores etc. If you want, you can also sell your prepared sauce as a wholesaler in different markets.

 Tomato Sauce Business Profit:

By doing this business regularly, the total cost in a year is Rs 24.22 lakh. If the annual sales of this business is Rs 28.80 lakh. In this way, the total profit in this business is about 4.5 lakhs annually. This means that up to 40 thousand rupees can be availed from this business for the whole month . If the business starts running well, then within 2 years the entire cost of the business comes out.

Where to get tomato sauce business license : (  business license)

The business of this food item tomato sauce also needs to be licensed like other businesses. Since the government is getting help in this business, so you need a license for business. It is right for you to register your industry with the Ministry of MSME only.

Loan for tomato sauce business by government

  • Money for this business will be received from the government in the form of working capital. On behalf of the government, this amount will be included in the cost of raw material, material, wages of workers, packing etc. For this tomato sauce business, the government will give you an amount of up to lakhs ,
  • The government will provide a loan of Rs lakh to the person as term loan and after that the government will get Rs 4.36 lakh as working capital . But your capital also needs to be at least 2 lakhs.
  • The government will fund up to 75% for this business under its special scheme. The government is trying to increase many small and medium businesses in the immediate time.

How to apply for government loan : ( how to apply for government loan)

  • This money loan is available by the Indian government only through the Prime Minister ‘s Mudra Yojana . To get this loan, you can submit an application in the bank coming under any government .
  • To get this loan, the applicant has to fill the applicant’s name, address, business address, education, immediate income, loan amount etc. in the application form. Aadhar card , PAN card , residential certificate , banking details etc. are required as documents with the applicant .

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