Low Investment Business Idea: Start this business in two thousand, earn lakhs of rupees a month

Low Investment Business Idea: Start this business in two thousand, earn lakhs of rupees a month. Yes, you can start your business in low cost and earn lakhs a month. This is a business that can be done even with a job.

In today’s era there are many people who want to start their own business. But due to the fear of more investment, they are not able to do business. Because doing business is not that easy. Investment and business idea are also very important to do a good business. But in today’s time there are many such low-cost business ideas that you can do sitting at your home with very little investment.

In this article, we have brought for you a business that you can start from home at low cost with your job. Meaning the business can be started in two thousand.

Start this business in two thousand

If you are thinking of starting a new business in the village or city, then this business is right for you. You do not need much information and money to do this business. We are talking about the business of potato chips. It is very easy to start this business.

We all know that everyone likes to eat potato chips in the form of snacks and it is also a very demanding business. You will need a machine for potato chips business.

How much will the potato chips machine cost

In today’s era, a lot of money is needed to do a good business. But you will need a machine for potato chips business which is only 850 rupees. Talking about the machine, you can buy it in your market or online. Later, if your business is doing well, then you can reach the business on a large scale by investing more.

Do this business with a job sitting at home

The amazing thing is that potato chips business is such a business that you can do it even with a job sitting at home. You will have to spend only two thousand or more work to do this business. First, the machine you need for potato chips is only Rs 850. Second you need only potato and masala for raw material. In the beginning, you can run with potatoes worth Rs 100-200.

How To Make Potato Chips

Potato chips are very easy to make. All you have to do is put the machine on a table and cut and prepare the chips. Neither it will occupy much space for you nor does it need electricity to run it. This machine can be operated by hand. It can be operated by women and children also. After this you have to fry the potato chips. This is how you have to start every day. You have to chop the chips, fry them and deliver them to the small bulk customers.

how to grow your business

Nowadays people like to eat fresh hand to hand things. In such a situation, you also make fresh chips and sell them in retail instead of wholesale. You can start this at any shop. Make your chips spicy. If your product is good then people will start buying from you. You can earn a profit of up to 2 thousand rupees daily from 10 kg potato chips. When you start earning well, then you can take this business forward and you can also register the business. According to today, this is a good low-cost business (Low Investment Business Idea).

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