What is BUMS course? Complete information about BUMS Eligibility, Full Form, Admission Process, Scope and Salary.

BUMS is a medical course which can be done after 12th. We all know that how much is the benefit of doing a medical course after 12th, if you are interested in medical studies then BUMS course full details are given below in detail.

Nowadays all the students are stuck in the dilemma of what to do after 12th, if you are also thinking that which course will be right for you after 12th, then let us tell you that at present there are thousands of cores in India that you can choose from. Can do after 12th.

You can make your future bright, one of them is the popular course named BUMS, about which we are writing a complete article here by this name of BUMS course details in Hindi .

What is BUMS?

Today people are falling ill very fast and are unable to take care of their health, due to which many possible doors are being opened in the field of medicine.

BUMS is an Unani medicine system in which the students are taught about the Unani way of treating the patient.

bums course duration It is of 5 years, after which one has to do internship for 1 year, after which the students learn the art of treating the patient in Unani way.

Doctors are made by the Unani system, this is a UG degree, due to which after this it is very easy to get the job of doctors in any hospital.

Hopefully you must have understood that BUMS is a course which takes 5 years to do and after that 1 year of practice or internship has to be done after which you get a good job.

After doing this study, you become a doctor and learn the art of curing any disease from the Unani system.

BUMS Full Form 

This is an Under Graduate degree , the full form of BUMS is “Bachelor of Unani Medicine & Surgery” . In BUMS Full Form Hindi it is “Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery” .

Unani is a special type of treatment system through which different types of diseases are treated.

If the student takes the help of Arts then he moves like BA , if he does Commerce then he will do B.Com and after 12th for Science course he goes towards B.Sc.

Just as you must have seen Ayurvedic, Homeopathy, and Allopathy systems to cure someone, in the same way Unani is also a treatment system.

BUMS Course Eligibility Criteria.

To take admission in BUMS course you have to first pass 12th class. In class 12th, the candidate must have subjects like Physics (Physics), Chemistry (Chemistry), and Biology (Biology) in class 12th.

The candidate has to pass the 12th class with the minimum prescribed marks, after which he can take admission in the college of his choice.

But keep in mind that first you have to apply for NEET exam and the type of marks you will get in NEET exam, that type of medical college admission will be given to you.

To take admission in any medical college, you have to clear the NEET exam. According to the marks obtained by the students in the NEET exam, they get college.

Because of this, you should try to get the best marks in the NEET Exam so that you can complete your BUMS studies in the biggest colleges of India in less money.

BUMS Entrance Exam.

To do BUMS course you have to take admission in any medical college or university and before BUMS admission process will start with an entrance exam as given above.

That is, before taking admission, the college will take your examination, if you pass in its examination, then you can continue the studies of BUMS.

Earlier it was quite easy to take admission for BUMS course because you had to apply for the college of your choice and pass the entrance exam of that college but today every college conducts its own combined entrance exam.

This Combined Entrance Exam is called NEET, the exam is conducted for taking admission in all types of medical courses in the NET exam.

Every year NEET exam is conducted in which 12th questions are asked to the student, after answering that question correctly, the student is given a college according to his marks and you can do your desired course in that college.

BUMS Course Fees.

There are many colleges in India to do BUMS course and different colleges may have different fees. Generally the fees for BUMS can range from Rs.30,000 to Rs.3,00,000 per annum.

The fee of this course varies in different educational institutions, if you get good marks in NEET exam then you get top college of India.

The more top class your college is, the lesser your fees will be. That is, if you get more than 600 marks in the NET exam, then you will be provided the facility to do BUMS course in some of the top colleges of India.

In this facility, you can do this course in very less money, but when you do this course from a private college or from a small college, then you will have to pay more fees.

BUMS Admission Process.

Taking admission for BUMS course is quite easy, you have to first complete your 12th examination to take admission in this course.

You must be a student of science in 12th and if you have a subject like physics, chemistry and biology then only you can give NEET exam.

To take admission in BUMS, complete the process as mentioned below in order.

Step 1 –

First of all, complete the 12th examination with the minimum prescribed marks, you must keep subjects like Physics, Science, Chemistry and Biology in your 12th examination.

Step 2 –

When you pass the 12th exam, every year many people apply for the NEET exam, you also have to go to the official website of NEET and apply for the NEET exam.

Step 3 –

After applying for NEET exam, you have to start preparing for NEET. When your NEET exam will take place, from now on some questions of 12th will be asked, if you answer correctly, you can get good marks.

You have to try to get at least 600 marks out of 700 marks in NEET exam.

Step 4 –

When you get 600 marks in NEET exam then you can get admission for medical course in top college of India.

It is not that you will not get admission if you get less marks. The basic objective of this examination is to give admission to the children in the college according to the marks.

You will be given that type of college as you will get the marks in the NEET exam.

Step 5 –

After passing the NEET exam, you will get a college according to your marks, in which college you will have to study Unani medicine for 5 years, after that you will have to do internship.

According to your talent, you will get a doctor’s job in a good medical institute.

BUMS Course Scope & Salary.

As we told you earlier BUMS is a medical course, after doing this you will learn to treat disease from Unani system and become a doctor.

After doing this course you get the job of professor or doctors in any medical institute or hospital.

After doing BUMS, you can do a doctor’s job or open your own clinic. As you know, after doing BUMS, you can do the job of doctors in government or non-government institutions, whose salary depends on experience and talent.

If you are a new doctor then your salary will be ₹ 30,000 to ₹ 50,000 month but later on according to your experience and talent it increases which can go up to ₹ 1,00,000 month.

Apart from becoming a doctor in a government or non-government organization, you can open your own clinic, the salary of which depends on the prevailing practice of that clinic.

Frequently asked questions by people about BUMS.

Hopefully, after reading this article, now you must have known all kinds of information about BUMS degree.

If you have understood well what is the degree of BUMS, then after completing the medical degree, you can do the job of doctors in any government or non-government organization.

Apart from this, you can also open your Unani dispensary or clinic to treat people with the Unani system, which can earn a lot of money.

If this article has given you all kinds of information about Beaumes then share this article with your friends and don’t forget to tell us your thoughts by commenting.

What is the full form of BUMS?

The full form of BUMS is Bachelor of Unani Medicine & Surgery.

Why do BUMS degree?

To learn the art of curing disease from the Unani system with a degree in Beaumes.

What to do after BUMS degree?

After BUMS degree, you can do MD course. Or you can do a medical job in any government or non-government organization, apart from this you can also open your dispensary.

What does a BUMS doctor do?

The doctor who has the degree of BUMS is able to treat the disease through the Unani system.

When can I do BUMS degree?

To do BMS degree, after passing 12th exam, you have to take NEET exam, after that you can do BUMS degree from any college or university.

Life is always a game, if played right, the future will improve, and if done wrong, the future becomes bad. We have shared the information about every possible BUMS Course Degree, tell your opinion what is less, it will definitely be added. How to do this BUMS course guide is beneficial for our future doctors, please share.

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